Employees’ Children’s Day: A day dedicated to ISOMAT’s little friends!

ISOMAT once again welcomed the children of its employees in both Thessaloniki and Athens to a series of events, through which they had the opportunity to gain new knowledge, develop their creativity and take part in a unique experience. On Tuesday 18 June 2019, our little friends in Athens visited the Lavrion Technological Cultural Park, while on Wednesday 19 June 2019, the children of the employees in Thessaloniki visited the Anel Honey Park, the only park in Greece dedicated to bees.

At the Lavrion Technological Cultural Park, the children had the opportunity to learn all about the methods of mineral extraction and transportation and to take a closer look at the tools used for such processes. They were also informed about the safety measures, which are necessary for the protection of miners. Through the Museum’s collection, the little visitors became familiarised with the minerals of the Lavreotiki area and, later on, they created their own innovative constructions to understand the use of various metals in everyday life. On their way back to ISOMAT’s facilities in Inofyta, the children stopped at Lavrio to enjoy their dinner!

The next day, in Thessaloniki, our employees’ children visited the Anel Honey Park, where they were given a tour of the park by specialised beekeepers. Through special observational hives, they watched the everyday routine of the busy bees living in the park. Later on, they relaxed in specially made apitherapy rooms, they tasted yoghurt with honey and other apicultural products, and they made candles using pure bee’s wax. After the end of the tour, our little friends arrived at the Perek Estate, where they tasted traditional flavours and were entertained through creative activities and games in the beautiful surroundings of the venue!

At the end of the day, the children returned to ISOMAT’s headquarters, where they exchanged wishes for a great summer holiday and rescheduled their appointment for next year!